Mobile Trailer Advertising in Adelaide

With so many businesses saturating the advertising market, it can be hard to get seen by the right customers. With TV and radio advertising losing steam as the marketing Holy Grail, companies are starting to get much Smarter with how they advertise their brands and products. That’s why mobile trailer advertising is Adelaide’s emerging marketing solution.

Smarter Ads utilise the streets to promote your business, sending trailers bearing your business logo and slogan on strategic paths across the city and surrounding suburbs. Focus on your target areas or expand your turf to new locations – the options are endless when you go mobile.

Use a Trailer to Spread Your Brand Around Adelaide

Our mobile trailers are fitted with scrolling panels that use low energy LED lighting and solar technology, and are attached to our fleet of eco-friendly smart cars. Roaming around Adelaide in three different shifts throughout the day, we are able to strategically plan to find your target audience at the times when they’re most likely to be out and about – shift workers who may be out in the middle of the day, office workers who take to the streets at 5pm, or tradies who are up with the dawn. Talk to our mobile advertising experts about how our mobile trailers can represent your brand.

Adelaide Most Creative Advertising Solutions

Along with car wraps and mobile billboards, Smarter Ads are proud to offer trailer advertising for businesses across Adelaide. When you sign up for a mobile service, you are giving your business a unique and unparalleled visibility that will help customers remember your name. To get started with your mobile trailer advertising, talk to the experts at Smarter Ads. You can reach out with any questions on 1300 7 SMART and we’ll show you why we’re the Smarter choice.